About Me

My journey to becoming a playwright was not a straight line. I worked in the trades for a dozen years, before I went to college. As an English major at the University of Illinois, I discovered an interest in reading plays. After graduation I got involved in theatre. As an M.A. student at Illinois State University, I stage managed, directed and wrote my first two plays: Boleslavskyís Acting (see Six Lessons), adapted from Richard Boleslavskyís Acting: The First Six Lessons, and The Night Before, my M.A. thesis. Within a couple of years of graduate school, I added Shakespeare Restored and Balderdash and Banalysis, or Bandy about the Bard. Each of my first three full-length plays has taken me on an individual journey and challenged me in fruitful and unique ways. Iíve learned how to listen and to respond to my plays. Iíve learned what my plays need is more important than what I want. Iíve also learned what is important to me as a writer, which I couldnít have learned without these three plays. Iím in my 50ís now. Iím still writing, still determined and Iím still unproduced. Iíve recently written my first new play in years, Before. Before is not a rewrite, but a new play to emerge out of The Night Before. Plays are wrought, not written (at least my plays are). I write from sources. I do not imitate. I use sources as a springboard. Writing is an adventure into the unknown parts of yourself.

I am a member of:
Dramatists Guild
The Playwrights' Center
Chicago Dramatists

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