10. Opt Not

There will be a few crucial moments in your life. Moments that define who you are. Moments when you are honest enough to grow and courageous enough to become something you were not before that moment. There may even be moments when you learn something about yourself you have always known, but never fully understood. Life is, for me, a constant pursuit to better know who I am.

Art, in any form, is above all things the communication of emotions. Art is an expression of who you are as a human being among your various guises. Every expression of art is a self-portrait. As I grow older, I find it impossible to separate my life from my art. I know many people will spend their lives without a deep connection to art--but art can not exist without life. It is important as artists that we imbue our work with a life-like energy if we want our work to come to life for the audience.

As artists we must then continue to grow and learn as human beings. We must continue to evolve, so our art can continue to evolve. If we are not honest enough with ourselves, to be ourselves, if we are not courageous enough with our own emotions to feel those emotions then who are we and how do we expect to communicate those emotions in and through our art? Is this simply another place for us to hide from ourselves or are we genuine artists who are honest enough and courageous enough to be ourselves with our families, with our friends, with ourselves and with our plays.

originally posted August 2012
reposted March 2018

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