19. I Will, I Will, I Will

As a playwright I've discovered myself bit by bit and piece by piece. This lengthy process in the early part of my career has given me the opportunity to make some choices as to who I will become as a writer. I will be a writer who will take his time. I will learn about myself and what I'll write about. I will be organic. I will listen to my plays and I will listen to my characters. I will listen to their wants, but I will be more aware of their needs, as I know I need to be.

If I'm committed enough to my writing, I will eventually put enough of these bits and pieces together to create a whole writer--a writer with a writer's voice and a writer's career. When I first began to write, I didn't have any genuine cognition of myself as a writer (any more than I had any cognition of who I was when I was born). Both of these lifelong journeys have been a process of experimentation and gradual discovery. I've discovered myself in these bits and pieces: in the bits and pieces of my ideas, of my thoughts and of the people and things with which I've concerned myself.

In my first three full-length plays, there were a couple of things I did well in each play. Each of these plays had different needs, so each drew out different strengths. However, there were other things that didn't work so well: things that blocked the meaning, cluttered up the storyline or somehow made a coherent connection difficult. At some point I realized I needed to bring all these disparate strengths together in every play I write. At this point I understand I've found a sense of wholeness to my voice as a writer. From this point on, I expect this sense of wholeness to continue to grow and evolve and to serve as a reflection of who I am as a writer at the moment I'm creating every piece I work on.

originally posted May 2013
reposted March 2018

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