28. Falling Into It

The organic approach to my writing and my life can be challenging at times. On one of my recent walks, I was attempting to avoid some ice and slipped on another patch of ice. I suppose I had it coming after all the talk of how contemplative I am in my essays. Not that this is a test (or maybe it is) but an opportunity to see how organic I am. It was after all one of the first thoughts in my mind, once the shock was past: is this on my path, a part of my journey? The answer was inevitably: yes!

I tend to be philosophical about such things. As a contemplative person, recovering from an injury can have a certain appeal as it offers extra contemplative time. There are two situations life will throw at me that offer me this: death (not my own, of course) and injury or illness. When death enters my life, I'm more alive than at any other time of my existence. The place I go to is deep and personal and I go there immediately. With an injury (or an illness) it's different. Healing takes time, so rest and patience are great bedfellows and as I don't have a TV so are books, thoughts and an active imagination.

This fortuitous contemplative time is for receiving, not transmitting. As the days passed, I kept a tally of the moments, of the things that evolved out of the contemplative time I'd received. I read differently when I'm healing, as my attention is on the needs of my healing so reading tends to be more sporadic. Because of this I usually set my regular research aside and read other things, things I would normally read between writing projects. There have been several moments of understanding during my forced contemplative time, most of them dealing with my personal life. However there are two future plays that will be different because of this winter mishap. One play has a new character and its structure has been reshaped; the other play started off with a new line of dialogue--it then grew into virtually a new play, with a depth and precision beyond the play I was intending to write.

originally posted February 2014
reposted March 2018

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