31. Direction Uncertain

This has been a difficult year for reading energy. The number of things that occupy and fill my world today that didn't seemingly exist a few months ago is staggering. When all else fails, find the pulse of the energy and try to follow it. The energy today is going in different directions and pulling me along in all those directions. My first attempt at an essay leaked away a few minutes ago like a bad college Literature paper. So where does that leave me? What direction do I go now? Now that what I was planning is gone? Or is this the direction I'm already going? I think it must be, but I can't be sure because I'm not there yet. The uncertainty of life can be humbling, when life's pieces don’t fit together as you'd like them to or don't come together as you'd expected them to. The most human of qualities is the ability to learn and grow. It is human to evolve. It is human to change. It is human to be flexible and meet challenges with freshness. The closing off of our mind or our heart to the world at large will get us nowhere. When the energy's direction changes and you missed it--you simply take a different route.

originally posted May 2014
reposted March 2018

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