35. The Scottish ...

I'm not superstitious, though some people in theatre are. Both the world and the theatre world are full of many types and this is one of them. Theatre's most prominent superstition is the ban against saying the name of "the Scottish play," when inside a theatre. I had a teacher in graduate school, who though not superstitious herself, had experienced strong biases when she was in graduate school and relayed those stories to me one day. I was in rehearsal once, when someone actually said the name of the Scottish play and she was aghast at herself; shortly thereafter we had a small fire backstage! True story. Even with this incontrovertible evidence, I remain unconvinced. Even more pronounced than being superstitious, many theatre people are intuitive and my experience from the rehearsal fire convinced me my fellow thespian was not capable of creating a fire by saying the forbidden word, but she was capable of discerning a negative or problematic energy in the air that was saying "danger is near, beware" and she promptly and unconsciously gave the best forewarning she could.

originally posted September 2014
reposted March 2018

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