4. Knit One, Permeate Two

Writers are quilters; we put things together. We take bits and pieces, we take scraps from here and there and create something larger. We see the forgotten and overlooked. Hopefully we create a new and larger perspective of our society and world. If you go on the internet you can get an answer to most any question in a few seconds. One of my concerns about the internet generation is they often miss or lack the ability to put those pieces together into a coherent whole and see the larger picture.

When I heard Barack Obama campaigning for President with words such as “Hope” and “Change,” I hoped he was sincere. What I have seen is our President supporting the "Military Industrial Complex" President Eisenhower warned us about. This reminds me of the Presidential campaign of 1964, when LBJ's platform was the olive branch of peace while he was gearing up for a war, a very large war.

When I saw Barack Obama and the Democrats oust the Republicans in 2008, I was reminded of the hope we had in 1968, when Richard Nixon and the Republicans ousted the Democrats. We were sure a switch of political parties would change our country's direction and put an end to our participation in the war we were stuck in on the other side of the world.

Now, when I see the campus police at UC-Davis using pepper-spray on students, I flash back to the 1960s, with anti-war and civil rights activists. I too think back to the Kent State Massacre (see #3) and what we as a nation became on that day and what we as a nation are willing to accept and turn a blind eye to, to justify the actions of our government.

Now I look back and wonder if we've learned anything since the 4th of May in 1970. Did the deaths of Allison Krause, Jeffery Miller, Sandra Scheuer and William Schroeder teach us anything or are we regressing back to an old dysfunctional behavior we have chosen to forget about.

I wish you peace and contentment this Thanksgiving and leave you with three words from a memorial at Kent State University:


originally posted Thanksgiving 2011
reposted March 2018

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