40. Get Out Of The Way

Life will take you where it will at times. Drama is usually about those times when characters' lives go in unexpected and unwanted directions. We respond to this because we all go through these times. When we're young and growing up, we seek new directions because our bodies are continually changing, so we go along with the changes and adjust to them as best we can--learning as we grow and growing as we learn. As we get older and are no longer aware of how our ceaselessly changing bodies are still changing, life will still intervene and it is how we deal with these changes that will dictate who we'll become, how the world will see us and what type of a legacy we'll leave behind.

I grew up in the trades and was expected to live my life there. However, after a dozen years I was fortunate enough to be in a position where I could choose to take my life in a different direction and I took it. My first college classes were at a local community college. By the time I'd become a full-time degree seeking student, I was amazed at the infinite possibilities the world had to offer.

Most people settle into their lives by my age, but being a writer and being organic that isn't something I see myself doing. It isn't that I don't expect to grow old or that I don't expect to die one day--I will and so will you. I am an unproduced playwright and it is challenging to navigate the treacherous waters within this industry. There are many playwrights who are talented enough and capable enough of making a contribution to our society. However, the industry isn't set up to foster, encourage and offer enough of these writers a life-sustaining living. A life in the arts is not easy and never has been. Having grown up expecting another life for myself and being able to change my life's direction has offered me a different perspective. What I value in my life as a playwright is something no one: not a producer, not a director, not a reviewer, not an educator and not a family member can take from me.

originally posted February 2015
reposted March 2018

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