44. Words, Words, Words

When does a play begin? I'm not talking about the first line of a play. I'm talking about where the first seed is planted that you'll eventually write from. Do you plant this seed or is this seed planted in you or with you by someone or something else? Do we recognize these moments? Do we feel the subtle shift in our being? Do we understand something has changed within us which will enable us to write this "new thing" in our life? It seems I am again drawn into writing about the seemingly insignificant impulses in the energy that surrounds us in our daily lives. Some first moments register with me, though I'm not sure they all do or all will. I didn't know what I would write about as I sat down this morning, but here is something coming forth. I'm unaware of the moment this essay began, other than when I sat down and started punching out a few letters to see what words were with me today. Is that true? Are there words that are with you or against you? Are there words that nurture and cradle you? Are there words that undercut and irritate you? Do words mean you harm? I don't think so, but they can hurt you. It is people who use words in harmful ways that can hurt you--it isn't the words themselves. Words, improperly used, can cause a great deal of harm and damage in people's lives. Maybe that's our job as writers: to use words properly, to find and seek and discover new ways in which words play and work together, as you'd hope people in a somewhat civilized society would do. Maybe it is our job as writers to find organic ways to communicate to ourselves and others. Maybe it is our job as writers to expose those who use words improperly, who use words to manipulate others, who use words to harm others, who use words to cover up their misdeeds--particularly if their misdeeds are intentional misdeeds, cognitive misdeeds, freely chosen misdeeds, highly profitable misdeeds.

originally posted June 2015
reposted March 2018

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