49. Deep Within

I recently saw an academic production of Water by the Spoonful, by Querea Alegera Hudes. It was an ambitious undertaking by an undergraduate director. The undergraduate cast did well, but their collective life-inexperience left the production a bit wanting. Still I loved they were willing and eager to take on this challenging play. The art of the theatre will neither grow, nor will it evolve without this willingness and this eagerness among both theatre practitioners and audience members. What I enjoyed and was most taken with was the script itself. This was a script of pain and anguish. The life-experience the cast had yet to experience--the playwright had. I knew as I was watching the production, I was not capable of turning pain I'd lived into a message of depth and humanity because I'd not experienced a deep enough pain in my life. From my experience those of us who are creative (or think we are) tend to feel things on a deeper level than many non-creative people. This, however, is not enough to communicate deep anguish. When you experience a deep pain, a deeper pain than you've experienced before--it takes you to a deeper place within yourself and when you experience that deeper place, you open up something within yourself you didn't know was in you, you open up something you didn't know existed or could exist; as a creative person (or a non-creative person) you can then access this place and use it to communicate to and with others, to and with an audience and to and with yourself.

originally posted November 2015
reposted March 2018

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