50. Christmas, 2015

I do not feel like writing today. If I did feel like writing today, I would not want to write something for the holidays, as this holiday season doesn't feel celebratory. There is much instability in the world and in our country. A president, whoever he or she may be, should be a statesman, should be capable of understanding how our government works and should be capable of utilizing the tools of our government for the better good: to protect and to serve all of the people. Unfortunately what we wind up with is a cheerleader; he or she is supposed to make us feel better and feel safer without really doing anything for us. The last three administrations have egregiously served the top 1% while largely ignoring the short-term and long-term interests of the rest of us. If we are incapable of seeing and understanding the mere rhetoric, the pabulum, the distracting theatrical antics of a president late in his second term: is there any hope for us? If we are not alert enough, if we do not care enough, if we are not honest enough with ourselves: can there be any hope for our democracy? The citizens of a country--any country--are responsible for their government. In a democracy it is more so, as we have the power and ability to change things that aren't working without shedding a drop of blood. It is important for every citizen to look honestly at a president late in his or her second term, when his or her inadequacies are most apparent. It is at this point when we need to be honest with ourselves, if our democracy is to survive. To speak of anything with any holiday spirit to another person if we are not being honest with ourselves: is farcical. To be or not to be honest with ourselves--that is the question!

originally posted December 2015
reposted March 2018

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