51. Difficultly Easy

Have you ever stopped to wonder: what is talent? It is easy to define, as you can look it up in any dictionary: a natural ability, aptitude or skill. Talent can be intellectual; it can be physical; it can be emotional; it can be creative; it can be artistic. It too is the type of thing you know when you see or experience it in someone else. Talent will come in varying degrees in different people, but it too can be enhanced if it is cultivated in any one person through education, practice, exposure to others' talent, hard work, practice, dedication, focus and practice. Those of us who think we have enough talent to make a living with our talent will usually make a concerted effort to ply our talent. Those of us who know our talent offers us access to something within ourselves we wouldn't otherwise have access to will also ply our talent to the degree we can manage or afford to ply our talent. This however still doesn't answer the question. Talent is the ability to do something difficult and make it look easy.

originally posted January 2016
reposted March 2018

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