52. The Clock Ticks On

There is a time, or should be, in each person's life when you question who you are, when reality forces itself on you in a way that you can not ignore. Life is not fair and never has been, no matter what the salesmen tell you. Life will throw challenges at you when it will and these challenges and how you meet and respond to them will be the overall driving force of who you become in your life. Most of the things we spend our time on are pointless. They are distractions; they are the places we hide from ourselves; they are not who we are; they are the nonsense we fill our lives up with; they are the things we squander our life's time and energy on. Why do I do this? Why should I deceive myself in this way? What am I doing wrong? Why do I not see into myself better than I do? Why do I not understand what I am capable of becoming? Why do I limit myself? Why do I not believe my own feelings? Why do I not trust my own instincts? Do life's challenges create character or reveal it? A fortunate life is a life that feeds you with challenges you can meet well enough and allows you to grow stronger, smarter and to be more connected with yourself as a human being between the collective challenges thrown at you. In the end, which is when I will be on my deathbed, what will be of importance to me? Do I have any idea how different things may look from that vantage point? And am I spending my time wisely enough to accomplish that thing or those few things that will be of importance to me then?

originally posted February 2016
reposted March 2018

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