54. Four Hundred Years Ergo

This month marks four hundred years the world has been without the living presence of William Shakespeare. He too was a large-world person, as Walt Whitman was (see #53). I don't put Shakespeare on a pedestal. I see him as a human being, as we all are. I see him as a writer who sees the human experience and the human existence as deeply as any human being has done. I see him as someone who transcends the limits of his time and his life, as we all are capable of doing. I see him as a writer of insight and instincts beyond himself, but not beyond ourselves. The sad thing about William Shakespeare is we have had him and his works for inspiration, for a teacher and as an example of the depth the human soul can attain for four hundred years and we have not been capable of building upon the life and works of William Shakespeare to produce another writer of even equal, let alone superior stature. If this isn't sad enough, with all he has given us to grow and learn from, with all he has given to inspire us we are still tragically incapable of seeing into our own being, into our own selves.

originally posted April 2016
reposted March 2018

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