55. Politics or Theatre

One thing we mustn't ever forget is that politics is above all things--theatre. It is contrived. It is preplanned. It is orchestrated by people whom we didn't elect. As I've gotten older it astonishes me how increasingly theatrical our politics have become. Theatre is about creating illusions; this is what our politicians and the entire political industry has devolved into. What is the single biggest threat to our country's safety, our country's security and our country's long-term well being--the trade deficit! Our trade deficit is not sustainable. Our trade deficit will undo all that has been handed down to us for over two centuries of hard work and ingenuity. Our trade deficit will imperil our childrens' futures. The trade deficit is the elephant in the room no one is talking about. If the politicians don't talk about it-- does that mean it isn't important? Or does it simply mean they don't want it talked about?

How often do we hit a debt ceiling? How long will it be before we hit the next debt ceiling? Don't worry, because when we hit the next debt ceiling it will play out as it always does: if the President is a Republican, the Democrats will holler and scream bloody murder; if the President is a Democrat, the Republicans will scream and holler bloody murder; if the President is an independent (what! is that even possible?!) both will holler, scream and holler bloody murder. There will be debates in Congress, there will be threats of the government shutting down, there will be theatrical contortions of how abysmal all of this is and of how impossible it will be to find a resolution "this time around" and "how can this be happening again" and then just when we have all given up hope--a miracle! Congress will come to an eleventh hour compromise and once again "agree" to raise the debt ceiling and all will be saved--except for one thing: no one, no single person in all of Congress will mention doing the obvious thing--bring the trade deficit down! Bring jobs back! Bring well paying jobs back! Bring manufacturing back! Stop sending our money to foreign countries! Stop supporting foreign economies! Stop supporting indentured servitude! Stop supporting virtual slavery! Stop supporting slavery!

This is pure theatrics because no one in Congress has any intention of doing or saying or supporting anything to bring the trade deficit down--they don’t even want it talked about it, so they won't talk about it. Therefore it is up to we-the-people to talk about it; it is up to we-the-people to bring this topic out of the closet and make it, once again, part of the national debate. If our elected officials are willing and eager to stick their heads in the sand--is that any reason for we-the-people to do the same?

originally posted May 2016
reposted March 2018

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