56. The Daily Innocuous

The journey of one's life is never a straight line (it is not the shortest distance between birth and death no matter what the cliché may claim). We do not come with an instruction booklet to guide us. We must figure things out as we go along; we must learn who we are from what our life and our circumstances offer and put before us. The older I get the more elusive my life and existence becomes. My life at times seems to be a series of misgivings, miscalculations and unintended consequences. This is not unusual, nor is it a bad thing. This too is not to be feared, nor is it to be courted. At some point I will need to understand my life and my self well enough so I can embrace it for what it is (it is my life after all). My life has been a series of choices. Some of them have been made by me; some of them have been made by other people and I have chosen to accept their choices as my own; however, other people have also made choices which were imposed upon me, in one way or another, with no regard or care for my understanding in the matter. My life is what it is and it will become what my choices make of it. My life will be the sum total of a seemingly random, but very particular set of choices I've made for myself. At its end, my life will be an expression of my superficiality or depth, my obscenity or decency, my insincerity or genuineness, my greed or selflessness, my carelessness or concern, my arrogance or determination, my self-absorption or humanity, my fear or my complacency or my courage. Every choice we make everyday is important and is an expression of who we are. We make these seemingly innocuous choices for ourselves every day of our life, whether we realize we make them or not.

originally posted June 2016
reposted March 2018

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