58. More George

I recently read a biography on George Washington. He was a towering example of integrity. He wasn't born that way, but the choices he made in his life took him in that direction and made him that way. There was a sincerity to George Washington--you can not have a deep sense of integrity, you can not be a leader whom people will follow putting their lives at stake, you can not be the single person both sides of the aisle implicitly trust to guide and bestow the future with, you can not truly be yourself with out a deep sense of sincerity. The inherent dishonesty we experience on a daily basis (and have for the last three Presidential administrations) astounds me. What we don't understand is this is more about us, than it is about them. It takes two parties to perpetrate a lie--one to tell the lie and one to accept what was said or done. A lie doesn't become a functioning lie unless (or until) the receiver accepts it as a functioning truth. It is we-the-people who accept these lies; it is we-the-people who allow ourselves to entertain these lies; it is we-the-people who allow our culture to continue down this self-destructive path; it is we-the-people who are raising our children in this toxic environment, so they can not protect themselves from it. Have we ever stopped long enough to consider what the long-term problems caused by immersing ourselves in a system of lies will do to the soul of our country and to our individual souls? Have we ever considered how we are injured and how we injure our self when we accept this behavior from the so-called leaders of our society? Lying is a form of abuse. Lying shows a disrespect for our collective self, for our individual self and for the self of other human beings. If our politicians are lying and we know they are lying and we still vote for them--what does this say about who we are as a society, as individuals and as human beings? We want to believe our politicians and we want to believe in them, but how is this possible? So who are we lying to but our self and our children and what kind of world are we giving to and leaving for our children? All you build with lies is a house of cards. It will appear to be solid for a while, but as with the financial meltdown of 2008, one day it will dissolve in the-blink-of-an-eye and there will be no going back, because falseness is an illusion and it has no foundation under it to support anything solid, anything real or anything genuine. Lying is the trademark of one type of personality; the one behavior all addicts have in common is lying; they lie to others; they lie to themselves (you can be both the perpetrator of a lie and its victim if you choose to be). So who is it we are enabling by accepting these lies from our politicians: is it the politicians or are we really lying to our self and are we the true addicts with the self-destructive behavior.

originally posted August 2016
reposted March 2018

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