59. Sharpen Your Pencil

The writing life is not much different from any other life. Every life has a particular focus and the focus of every life has something in common with the focus with other lives. We are more similar than we are willing to admit. We are more similar than we care to understand. The things that should stand out between us are not how we differ, but how we are the same. We often don't care for certain aspects of our own personalities, so we don't want to see or acknowledge them in ourselves, but we notice and point them out in other people. I've not mentioned for some time about my being an unproduced playwright, but I am: that is I'm still a playwright and I'm still unproduced. This might bother some people, but it doesn't bother me, at least not today. Most people are not only unproduced in the presentation of their own lives--most people don't even attempt to put a pen to paper.

originally posted August 2016
reposted March 2018

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