60. When History Looks Back

It is a dark time for America and Americans. There is an infallible statistic history will understand when it looks back upon the three most recent presidential administrations. Unfortunately we-the-people do not understand this simple statistic well enough to understand what is going on and to see the deceit. The statistic is the the divide between the-haves----and----the-have-nots. A President at the end of his or her administration who has allowed the the divide between the-haves----and----the-have-nots to egregiously increase has failed to protect we-the-people and the more the divide----has increased the larger----the failure. Ever since December 1993, when former President Bill Clinton signed NAFTA, it has been open season on our economy. NAFTA was an invitation to every country in the world to pillage America's economy because our government was no longer going to protect our economy from foreign invasion. When NAFTA was signed Bill Clinton began a vortex of financial irresponsibility which has grown and continues to grow exponentially year by year, month by month, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute and second by second. If you vote Republican the vortex will grow exponentially or if you vote Democratic the vortex will grow exponentially. I also don't agree with not voting, but I can not abide what the Republicans are doing to this country, nor can I abide what the Democrats are doing to this country. We need another alternative. If our economy hasn't completely imploded by 2020 (and it may well have) we will need to find a new way. Most people think this isn't possible but we could simplify things and be more inventive. We could use the internet and bypass the regular media entirely. Would it be possible do you think to use the internet and social media to communicate and collaborate and bring the 99% together? We've done it before. The first time we had 13 colonies who all had separate agendas, but they united against the ruling political power and with a rag-tag army they overthrew the biggest, the most well-trained and the best-equipped army on the face of the earth. If something has never been done there is certainly room for doubt, but when we know it is possible because we have done it before, maybe all we need to do is to look deeper within ourselves and expect more from ourselves. As things stand we're not much more than lemmings being led to the slaughter. So maybe it is time to rethink, reorganize and retool our political system; maybe it is time for a different approach with some new people and with some fresh ideas and energy. However, one thing will be necessary--the 99% will need to realize, voting Republican or voting Democratic is voting for the 1% and not for ourselves. What we need is not another ultra-wealthy bought-off political crony; we need a human being without the phoniness of PR training. We need a pauper Presidential candidate who will work for the 99%, who will protect our economy and who will not allow the free trade whores to reap their profits from our economy's destruction.

originally posted September 2016
reposted March 2018

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