62. Bread and Circuses

"Are we having fun yet?" The circus has been in town for a-year-and-a-half, but alas the fun has to end sometime. It is a Presidential and Congressional election season and we are finally at the end of the overly long cycle of the mind-numbing misinformation, of the whiny-weary pontificating and of the soul-killing obfuscation we've all grown accustom to and accepting of throughout the last three Presidential administrations. Therefore, all I can do is to congratulate the winners of the election and of course offer my sympathy to the losers--what? The election hasn’t happened yet? That can’t be true, but it's a cinch to see who the winner is and who the loser is. The winner is--always the 1%. And the loser is--always the bottom 99. Didn’t you know that? If you think about it, it is only fair. After all the 1% deserve what they've bought and paid for and they've paid good money for the Republicans and they've paid good money for the Democrats. What I don't get is why the bottom 99 keep voting for candidates who will only pay them lip service, while serving their sponsors--the 1%. I heard a song from Shania Twain the other day, "Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under." Country music has always had cheating songs and they always will, as long as there are people who cheat on their spouses. I'm not going to waste your time and talk about how our elected officials "cheat" on us. What would be the point. What this song made me think of was how destructive "lying" is and how destructive "cheating" is. When someone cheats on a spouse, you don't just cheat on the spouse--you cheat on the entire family; you cheat on your children; you cheat on your grandchildren. When you cheat you put the entire family unit at risk, you make things more stressful and this affects everyone inside your home and it affects them to the core of their being. When your children grow up, having seen your unabashed example--they too may cheat on their spouse and their children. Though the statistics say violent crime has been going down in our country for decades, over this past summer violence seems to be escalating and violence against authority in particular. Does this surprise you? It does not surprise me.

Wall Street is doing well--while at the same time--Main Street is dying.

When the economy is poor, weak, struggling and in the toilet--crime goes up. What this song made me think of was how we-the-people are "cheating" on ourselves. We-the-people betray our own economy and our own economic good each and every time we purchase something made by an outsourced job. We-the-people cheat on ourselves and we-the-people cheat ourselves when we don't pay workers a living wage. We-the-people cheat on ourselves when we freely elect public officials who do not acknowledge the long-term unemployed and we-the-people cheat on ourselves if the public officials we freely elect don't care if the bottom 99 are not being paid a living wage. If enough people are not making a living wage, they will likely fight back and they will likely become violent and they will likely become violent against authority figures in particular--so I ask "are we having fun yet?"

originally posted October 2016
reposted March 2018

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