67. Our Collective ...

I've seen some lawn signs recently about hatred not making our country great again. I must agree with them, as hatred is not a human value I put much value in. Hatred dehumanizes human beings and it dehumanizes us (we are surprisingly often both the perpetrators and the victims of our own behavior). Socially defined hatred allows us to act irresponsibly and not feel the need to question, alter or change our behavior or our place in the world at large. I'm a writer so I understand the use of words and the utility of words, but I too know the limitations of words and how meaningless words can be at times. The language used to dispense hatred is problematic, but what I find far worse are actions which are hateful. Actions impact people's lives more deeply, more personally and more intimately than do words. Actions, as the cliché says, speak louder than words. What is the most prolific hateful action in our society do you think? To me the most hateful actions are those which are not acknowledged as hateful actions. Is there an unseen hateful action we support in our society, which we refuse to acknowledge? There are more people enslaved in the world today than there ever have been before. Slavery doesn't always kill or maim as some hate crimes do, but slavery will do this too. Being an American I put a high price on the individual life and for the individual human being. One of the most hateful of actions is to steal someone's life from them--for your profit. Think about all of the jobs American companies have outsourced in the last 23 years (since NAFTA began). Those jobs were outsourced because those companies found it more profitable to not pay employees a living wage. Many of those jobs were outsourced to countries where slavery is not only allowed, but rampant. Any job that is outsourced to a cheap or slave labor market is a hate crime. If you genuinely want to take a stand against hatred, don't passively stick a sign in your front yard saying hate language is bad--do something real, be active, be a proactive consumer and boycott products made by outsourced jobs.

originally posted February 2017
reposted March 2018

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