68. Spring, 2017

Spring is one of my favorite metaphors. Nature coming back to life and being born anew is an idea I love and look forward to every year. It offers hope of a new beginning for myself and for society. Spring is prolific with change. Change however can also be frightening, as there is a degree of uncertainty involved in all change. Spring does not frighten us because even though it is change, it is a change we have come to understand, are accepting of and expect. It too could be argued because we expect it and know it will happen--it is not change in the same way other types of change can be.

Most people I know don't like things to change, at least not too much. People get use to things as they are and if they change we have to make adjustments in our life and possibly our lifestyle. If the change is drastic enough it can cause us to have to rethink who we are and what our life may mean or not mean and most people tend to be closed off to this type of change. However, I see change as an organic and necessary part of life. Change and the inherent uncertainty it contains is the way of life.

As an organic writer, I try to not fight change. Without change life would be dull and tedious. I too understand life is a process so it is in constant change. The life I best understand (or think I do) is my life. How I choose to deal with change and the uncertainty of change in my particular life is in large part a reflection of who I am and who I will continue to become throughout my life. My choices, as I see it, are to either fight change or accept it. However, there is a third choice, but this choice requires more courage than the other two choices. Some change is not really change, but merely superficial distraction (novelty or excitement). Genuine change can be painful and difficult, but it too can offer important and profound ways of learning and enrichment, of growing and understanding. Genuine change can also challenge us in ways in which we don't want to be challenged, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. If I want to utilize change in its most significant and profound ways, which I do, I want not only to accept change--I want to embrace change and make change apart of who I am.

originally posted March 2017
reposted March 2018

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